Case Study – Lufkin Comolor Twin Output Gearbox Refurbishment

Case Study – Lufkin Comolor Twin Output Gearbox Refurbishment

Project Background

The world’s largest commercial currency printer and papermaker, it provides marketleading banknote paper, printed banknotes and an unparalleled portfolio of banknote security features, including cylinder mould watermarks, security threads, a wide range of printed features and sophisticated optically variable devices.

The Brief

To refurbish Lufkin Comolor Twin output gearbox. This is a French manufactured unit which is used in the initial mixing of the cotton fibre with a water solution in the first stages of the paper making. The gearbox drives two z blades which periodically get jammed up and cause the timing of the two output shafts to slip out of synchronisation. This can be rectified as all the timing of the gears are set with the gear sets that are located on taper shafts/bores (brat mounted gears.)

The Solution

Check the timing of output shafts

Check the backlash of gears

The Result

The gearbox was completely overhauled, re-set and tested, then delivered back to site.

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