Case Study - High Speed Gearbox Overhaul

Project Background

A UK facility receives and processes North Sea crude oil for use across numerous industries. Product delivery & plant availability is critical in this environment.

The Brief

The customer was experiencing gear unit problems following overhaul by a third party.  We were asked to investigate & quickly found gear tooth failure.  We followed up with a full inspection report & a proposal to overhaul and test & certify the units, including replacing the gearing and bearings as required.

High Speed Gearbox Overhaul
High Speed Gear Box

The Solution

Cyrus-Bradford engineers inspected all the components recording details and specifications. The main gear components – damaged in service were inspected and gear geometry calculated. Engineering drawings prepared & approved prior to manufacture. Replacement parts were supplied in correct materials and heat treatment to suit the application.

The unit was re-assembled, test run & certified at Cyrus-Bradford workshops with the client in attendance. Condition monitoring values were said to be to finer limits those previously achieved by OEM.

High Speed Gear box Overhaul

The Result

The package was successfully installed & commissioned and went onto exceed anticipated running hours.  The customer now sends the remainder of these units to Cyrus-Braford for scheduled overhaul on an ongoing basis.

The Technical Data

Requirement:        Overhaul 30-year-old high speed unit suitable for full-service life                   

Plant:                      Crude Oil Facility UK

Application:           Re-Boiler Gear Unit.  

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